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BoatFloat Boat Lift Pictures 


                                        Pontoon boat on a BoatFloat Table Cradle


BoatFloat Boat Lift Installation

BoatFloat® boatlift being moved into position for installation 


BoatFloat Installed and Ready For Operation 

BoatFloat installed and ready for operation 


 BoatFloat Boat Lifts

Midnight 28 returning to berth  

 BoatFloat Boat Lifts  BoatFloat Boat Lift
                     36 Hallett 360T

46 Cigarette Stealth 




Caico Islands Sightseeing Cat 

                                               38 Cigarette Topgun


                            48 Fountain Express Cruiser in Jakarta, Indonesia


                                            39 Sea Vee in Coral Gables, FL








BoatFloat Boat Lift is working well after 11 years in service.


My BoatFloat Boat Lift was delivered on time & on schedule, was carefully installed & operates well. 


I own a Sunseeker Sport and considered
various boat lifts, before I saw a Boat Float Boat Lift in action in Florida. BoatFloat was very competitive, gives me side access to my boat and is virtually silent. It looks great too!

I love the BoatFloat and tell everyone it's the greatest boating accessory I've purchased!


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