Hurricane Katrina


BoatFloat Boat Lifts 




No vessels on a BoatFloat®  boatlift were damaged by any hurricane, including Katrina and Wilma. BoatFloat®  boat lifts uniquely offers storm protection for your boat! 



Hurricane Katrina
When: August 29, 2005
Where: New Orleans, LA
Winds: 175 mph
Tidal Surge - 30 ft.
Destruction of boats: ALL!
except for M/V Emocean


 BoatFloat Boat lifts Protect Your Boat


BoatFloat Boat Lifts Keep Your Boat Safe even in a hurricane 












The above boat was not affected by Hurricane Katrina 

 Thanks to BoatFloat®








BoatFloat Boat Lift is working well after 11 years in service.


My BoatFloat Boat Lift was delivered on time & on schedule, was carefully installed & operates well. 


I own a Sunseeker Sport and considered
various boat lifts, before I saw a Boat Float Boat Lift in action in Florida. BoatFloat was very competitive, gives me side access to my boat and is virtually silent. It looks great too!

I love the BoatFloat and tell everyone it's the greatest boating accessory I've purchased!


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