BoatFloat Boat Lift is working well after 11 years in service.


My BoatFloat Boat Lift was delivered on time & on schedule, was carefully installed & operates well. 


I own a Sunseeker Sport and considered
various boat lifts, before I saw a Boat Float Boat Lift in action in Florida. BoatFloat was very competitive, gives me side access to my boat and is virtually silent. It looks great too!

I love the BoatFloat and tell everyone it's the greatest boating accessory I've purchased!


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Model D-2 (30,000#) BoatFloat being launched

How is a BoatFloat® automatic boatlift operated?

When the 'up' button on the included key chain operated remote control transmitter is depressed, electric water valves open which sends garden hose water to the simultaneously activated pump. A heavy duty hose feeds the pressurized water to the rams causing them to extend and raise the bunk boards and the vessel.       
Typically, the vessel is raised within 2 minutes or less to the height above the waterline to which the unit has been set at the time of assembly.
As the BoatFloat® boat lift totally floats, that separation between the lowest portion of the vessel, e.g. hull, running gear, etc. and the water remains constant at all times. When the boat is fully up, the built-in mechanical locks are activated to prevent accidental launching of the vessel.
To lower the vessel, the mechanical lock mechanism is released and the 'down' button is depressed on the remote transmitter. The water within the rams is pumped out and discharged into the sea and the boat is lowered and is ready to be driven off the lift within 2 minutes or less.
If a water supply is not available, BoatFloat can supply a recirculating water tank as shown below.

Can BoatFloat® boat lifts remain in the water over the winter?
The BoatFloat® boat lift may be left in the water year-around as the floats, which are filled with foam, will not be crushed by ice and the hydraulic rams are approximately 3' under the surface of the water (which is generally below the line of ice formation).

A boat can be left on the lift, as the mechanical locks will maintain its height above the water line. However, the lift must either be drained of water to prevent ice from forming in the BoatFloat® hydraulic cylinders and hoses or filled with RV anti-freeze.
A recirculating water tank and RV waterline anti-freeze permits the BoatFloat to be fully       winterized and used year-around.
How are service and warranty claims handled?
One call to BoatFloat®'s toll free number, 1-866-Boatfloat, will result in a local mechanic being dispatched to the customer's slip whereupon all parts and labor will be furnished at no charge within the first 3 years after installation. Thereafter, all calls will be handled on a time and materials basis.

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